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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:35 pm


1. No SPAMming. Examples:
-A. Posts that're meant to insult others.
-B. Posting something very short and not important (ex: hi!/ what're you doing?/ etc.)
-C. Money schemes.
-D. Multiple posting (except on some forums).
-E. Threads that makes drama.
-F. etc.

2. No multiple threads that have the same topics. Use the same thread won't hurt.

3. Member expelling. I hate to see one of these. PM me if someone do that. I'll ban for 14 days or maybe permanently.

4. No forum advertising. If someone do this, he/she will get WP (warning point/s) .

5. No art stealing. Will be banned for 4 days or maybe permanent.

6. No such unpolite words even it's censored. About 2-3 days ban.

7. No thread closing request. Except if it needs to be closed.

8. No puppet/ double accounts. Will be banned permanently.

9. No stupid signatures. Eyecracking colors, alot of stupid text, and VERY big pictures that make us scroll sideways. Maximum picture size are 500x500. Just use spoiler for big pictures.

This post will be edited if there's new rule/s.
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Forum Rules
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